The Subtext of Cate Blanchett’s Oscar Speech

(new impression)

It’s a love song. Especially for fans of Jennifer Lawrence.

Tonight I’ll be doing some BRAND NEW characters! Also, the line-up is great: JC Coccoli, Anna Rose Roisman, Matt Dennie, Kim Parker, Evan Altshuler, Aaron Kominos-Smith, Ron Babcock, Douglas Widick, more! Hosted by Sasheer Zamata and Charla Lauriston! 11pm Wednesday at UCB Chelsea, FREE FOR ALL!!

I’m telling cat jokes tomorrow at this. Seriously. 

This is one of my favorite stories. Check it out?


I was an RA in college, which made my sex life embarrassing and my dating life morally questionable. However, there were other hazards of the job, such as having irrevocable mental images seared into your head.

Occasionally as an RA you have to be “on duty,” which means patrolling the halls…

Tomorrow night, 8/30! 8 pm! Free!

I’ll be telling jokes this Friday 8/30 at Niagara Bar (112 Ave A) at 8PM on the hilarious Aaron Glaser’s weekly show Slow Dance. It’s gonna be so so so much fun. 


Got a callback for Stand Up NBC today! With alumni like Hannibal Buress, it’s an honor to be considered for such a great showcase. 

Tonight (Friday 7/26) I’ll be doing new characters and impressions at The PIT at 8 pm on Jenny Jaffe’s monthly show Camp Time! It’s $10 and I couldn’t be more excited. 


Tomorrow night 7/17 I’ll be at:

The Stand at 10 pm. With Judah Friedlander, Sherrod Small, Matt Braunger, and more! $15. Tickets here!

The UCB (Chelsea) at 11 pm. With Jena Friedman, Caitlin Brodnick, Anna Rose Roisman, and more! FREE! Info here!

Stand-up show (tomorrow) Wednesday 7/10 at Culturefix. Free! I’m hosting! 

Facebook event:

I’ll be on this show on Thursday at The PIT telling a story. 8 pm and $8! 

This is the most recent post from my comedy blog, What I Fucked Up. Tried something new (more cartoons) so I hope you check it out!

Upcoming shows:

Wednesday 6/12 at 7 pm is Popped Culture, the monthly show I host at Culturefix! This month we’ve got Lukas Kaiser, Michelle Wolf, Ryan Beck, Mikala Bierma, and Lance Weiss. It’s going to be good. AND FREE!


Wednesday 6/12 at 8 pm (right after show #1) I’m heading to Muchmore’s in Brooklyn for a storytelling show hosted by Jimmy Wohl! The theme is travel stories and the show is FREE! 

Thursday 6/13 at 8:30 pm I’m back to stand-up on The Bucket Show at Ryan’s Daughter (85th st and 1st ave). No cover, one drink minimum for  NINE killer comics!